In the market there are other nomenclatures for OKR Professional, such as OKR Coach and OKR Master, this role being the guardian of the OKRs process, i.e. teaches the organization about the use of OKRs and the monitoring of the progress of OKRs.

OKR Professional’s responsibilities and activities include coaching and mentoring, and the profile that is most successful in this role, not being imperative, are communicative, outgoing and well-known people in the organization and logically who love OKRs. In addition to Soft Skills, he should cherish the organization, enjoy teaching and help teammates.

Other OKR Professional responsibilities:
• Teach the organization about OKRs
• Be a Server Leader and Continuous Improvement Agent
• Conduct the check-in meeting
• Support the preparation of action plans for unreached OKRs
• Ensure the existence of facilitated OKR training throughout the organization


  • Iterative business execution
  • Why OKRs
  • Getting to know OKR
  • Objectives and Key Results
  • Actions and Initiatives
  • Structuring OKRs
  • Extended Goals
  • OKR Categories
  • Organizational Collaborative Unfolding
  • Definition and measurement
  • Types of OKR
  • Cadence of OKRs
  • OKR Cycles
  • Main roles and responsibilities


Application method: Online (Web proctored exam)

Exam Duration: 60 Minutes

Number of questions: 40

Minimum approval rating: 70% or 28 questions

Allowed book/note queries: No

Allowed to use electronic equipment: No

Nível: Professional

Prerequisites: no

Available languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Professional interested in qualifying their knowledge in the management, compliance and applicability of personal data protection and privacy based on the LGPD and become DPO.


Part 1 of the book OKR Expert