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In the EXPONENTIAL ERA, in full Digital Transformation, data, and information are the new “treasure”, the role of INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT is crucial, and this executive is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s information assets are adequately protected.

This certification attests to the knowledge in Information Security Management, which is part of the Cybersecurity and Data Protection category of DTWI® ECOSYSTEM.

It addresses the best practices, concepts, methods and techniques of Information Security Management.


Knowledge at the CONSULTANT level in:

  • Principles
  • Structure
  • Leadership and commitment
  • Integration
  • Conception
  • Understanding the organization and its context
  • Articulating commitment to risk management
  • Assigning organizational roles, authorities, responsibilities and responsibilities
  • Allousing resources
  • Establishing Communication and Consultation
  • Evaluation
  • Improvement
  • Process
  • Communication and consultation
  • Scope, context and criteria.
  • Defining the scope
  • External and internal contexts
  • Defining risk criteria
  • Risk assessment process
  • Risk identification
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk treatment
  • Selection of risk treatment options
  • Preparing and implementing risk treatment plans
  • Critical monitoring and analysis
  • Registration and reporting


  • Application method: Online (Web proctored exam)
  • Exam Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Number of questions: 40
  • Minimum approval rating: 70% or 28 questions
  • Allowed book/note queries: No
  • Allowed to use electronic equipment: No
  • Prerequisites: no
  • Available languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish


Professional interested in leveraging his career, having differential and qualify his knowledge as a certified consultant in Information Security Management and incorporate them in the business strategy in line with digital universe, full of opportunities in the EXPONENTIAL ERA.


    • ISO 27001
    • ISO 27002